Ames Schools Video Showcase for Hunziker & Associates

Four Ames students worked on creating a video for Hunziker & Associates, a local real estate company, to showcase what the Ames school district has to offer to potential Ames homebuyers. Learn more about the video process and the students’ roles below.

Project Details: Video Script Writing and Production

  • Project Partner:

Hunziker & Associates


  • Students Involved:

This project was completed by four students in the Ames school district over the course of three weeks.


  • Topic Areas Covered:

Video marketing, real estate.


  • Skills Strengthened:

Video shooting and editing, script writing, project scheduling.

This project gave students the opportunity to develop a product from start to finish. Their only instruction was to create a video to showcase the Ames school district and what it has to offer. Students were able to be as creative as they could be, demonstrating their ability to come up with something new and exciting when given little constraints. They went through the entire process of brainstorming the idea, writing the outline and script, and working with a variety of schedules to make sure the filming was completed for a quick turnaround. They assigned roles within their group, building off of strengths and giving each other the chance to try out and develop new skills in the process.

The students communicated with Hunziker & Associates staff at key points during the process and presented the final video to them after it was completed to receive their feedback.

View the final video here.

What Success Looked Like for This Group

The ultimate success of this project came from Hunziker’s willingness to allow creativity; giving students the chance to come up with their own ideas and seeing where they went with them allowed the students to take more ownership of their work. The authenticity of the project motivated students to ensure a quality product, since they knew and understood that Hunziker was planning to use this video in a number of settings.

Teacher Involvement

Business Teacher Vicki Hales served as the project facilitator but allowed her students to be in the driver’s seat, giving them the opportunity to self-organize and practice scheduling as one would do in a real-world business project.

Educator Takeaways

Here’s what teacher Vicki Hales had to say about her students’ experience with authentic learning: “This specific type of project was a great example of what students are really capable of when given few constraints and the authority to be creative with a project. They had a professional mindset knowing who their client was, determined the target audience, and did extra research to make sure they were hitting on all the key points throughout the video for that specific audience. Seeing their reactions to the video being posted on Hunziker’s website and social media pages was priceless and motivated them to continue raising the standard for themselves!”

Partner Takeaways

At the end of the project, Hunziker & Associates was presented with a creative marketing video that they have since utilized on their website and shared to their Facebook page to show families thinking about buying a home in Ames the benefits of the school district.