Business Partners

Businesses can positively impact Iowa’s efforts to better prepare students for the knowledge economy by posting engaging projects to the virtual project board. Business owners will benefit from having students clear tasks they may not otherwise have time to complete and also have the opportunity to build more relationships within their communities. School-employer relationships will be facilitated by project coordinators at the Iowa Department of Education and AEA Learning Online as needed.


Educators can use the project board to select in-depth, work-based learning projects posted by employers that connect with educators’ existing classroom curriculum. In a dynamic, digital economy, it’s crucial for teachers to help students better understand the relevance of what they are learning to plan for future careers. The Clearinghouse offers an accessible way to do that. Project coordinators at the Iowa Department of Education and AEA Learning Online will facilitate these school-employer partnerships as needed.


Authentic, in-depth, work-based learning engages students because they see the workplace application of concepts more clearly while developing skills like innovation, communication, and teamwork. Work-based learning helps students explore career possibilities and discover what interests them and what doesn’t, preparing them to join the workforce or continue their education. By gaining a deeper understanding of jobs in a variety of industries, nonprofits, and government entities in Iowa, students will make a deeper connection with their state.

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Work-Based Learning Success Stories

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Our Collaborators

This work-based learning initiative is a collaboration between Future Ready Iowa and the organizations listed below.