Pollinator Garden Project

FEH Architects

Okoboji Middle School

The Prairie Flower Seed Nursery

In the spring of 2021, the Clearinghouse for Work-based Learning encouraged educators to apply for a project currently on the Clearinghouse’s project board or create a new project to add.  Then they would complete the project while documenting the process and their reflections, along with thoughts from the business partner and students.  The video below was created as part of this opportunity.

Project Details: Pollinator Garden Project

  • Project Partner:

Local architects, fabricators, and nursery, as well as school administrators. 


  • Students Involved:

This project took place with middle school students in the No Boundaries program at Okoboji school district.

  • Topic Areas Covered:

Problem-solving skills, information collection & synthesis, biology. 

Skills Strengthened:

Communication, creativity, problem-based inquiry, collaboration, decision-making. 

Watch the video recap of this project.